Fire System

Fire Alarm Design in Albania
From the drafting of your outdated blueprints to the design, engineering, filling and expediting of your new or updated fire alarm system, you can rely on us.

We provide NICET IV fire alarm system design for electrical and fire alarm contractors, and all small businesses across Albania. Our other service includes Fire Alarm Installation, Fire Alarm Monitoring, Fire Alarm Repairs, Fire Alarm Inspections, and FDNY Approved ARCS.

All of our designers are NICET certified, and pass local code and jurisdiction requirements for all types of fire alarm systems.
Our expert team is fully trained and committed to providing the best fire alarm design and drafting services, ensuring complete fire safety codes compliance. Our fire alarm design service includes:

- Drafting, Design & Engineering
- Filling and Expediting with DOB & FDNY
- Fire Alarm Design Violations
- Fire Alarm PAA

A Professional Design for Every Type of Fire Alarm System We Design and Engineer a Wide Rabge of Fire Alarm Systems, Some of Them Includes:

- General Fire Alarm Systems
- Fire Alarm Evacuation Systems
- Business Fire Alarm Systems
- Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
- Fire Alarm One Way Voice Systems
- Fire Alarm Temporal 3 Systems
- Carbon Monoxide Systems
- Multi-Facility Fire Alarm Systems
- Old Coded 1968 Fire Alarm Systems
- High-Rise Buildings - ARC Systems

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