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Private Physical Security Company “PROCODEV SECURITY Shpk offers CCTV monitoring services for your 360 ° security. Our security consulting and installation experts give you the best possible surveillance system for your business. Of course, you can simply buy cheap security cameras, place it on your front door and connect it to your laptop, but you really want to leave the security of your entire organization, home, business to a high resolution camera low you found on sale? You deserve a professional security system. We can design and install a surveillance system for your business that will meet your security needs and keep an eye on every corner of your property. Call us today for a free consultation on all your commercial, industrial, retail services based on security alarm protection. PROCODEV SECURITY Shpk enables you: Installation of security cameras with / without wires, Home alarm systems, Business alarm systems , Telephone compatible camera systems, Remote monitoring and response from CCTV, Monitoring from the control room 24/7, Rapid response to incidents by the ready team.

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