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Private Physical Security Company “PROCODEV SECURITY Ltd registered in NBC on 06.09.2017 was approved on 26.06.2018 and is licensed by the General Director of State Police under license number 1.3.A with no.556 / 1 'On Physical Security public and private facilities of persons as well as socio-cultural, sports, religious and political activities. The legal basis of its activity are: Civil Code of the Republic of Albania, Law no. 75 dated 10.07.2014 “On Private Physical Security Service”, Laws no. 72, 74 dated 10.07.2014 “On the use of firearms, Ministry of Interior orders and instructions no. 308, 656 dated 22.05.2017.

About the Company

Pro Security is a security agency operating in the unarmed and armed security sector in collaboration with dedicated professional figures, we offer a variety of professional profiles. We care for security at 360 °, cover activities related to emergency services such as activating public intervention services, investigating theft prevention, preventing violence or crime in general, passive protection and security in private and public structures, monitoring of public and private areas (commercial and corporate), assistance to clients and visitors, prevention activities during events, shows and fairs and sporting events, monitoring critical infrastructure in general. Our security agency operators usually wear uniforms and carry out on-site surveillance activities, which is a barrier to any illegal activity. A security officer may carry out surveillance activities, through regular patrols, or using camera surveillance systems, to report crimes, attempts, conclusions or progress, as well as fires or disturbances, to the competent police. Although the role of security officers varies greatly from police officers to military personnel, over time some tasks and training of these entities have grown enormously. Our companies have IT, Electrical Engineers, Graduate Programmers at the best Universities in the country. Their ability ensures that Pro Security instantly embraces all the latest technology. They specialize in database maintenance, software, hardware or website programming, CCTV setup etc. Our employees are constantly undergoing specialized training at home and abroad. Currently our company has a large number of motivated and coordinated employees to provide you with a quality 24-hour service 7 days a week.

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