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What we offer

Security Systems

Pro Security offers various security systems such as CCTV System, Against theft Systems, Firefighting Systems, Automatic Systems, Fire Extinguishing Equipment. Projecting, implementation and maintenance of systems and monitoring of fire extinguishing systems.

Physical Security

Pro Security is the leader in the Albanian market in the preservation of private and state facilities. Associations of Persons V.I.P. (Very Important Person), is another service offered by us. Pro Security offers a service designed to help customers with special requests for protection and privacy.

Cyber Security

Pro Security provides cyber security and also provides maximum security in various software programs. Everyone relies on critical infrastructure such as thermal power plants, hospitals and financial services companies

Security Money Transfers.

One of the most pro-rated services of Pro Security is security of money transfers. The Society has at its disposal all the necessary tools for a safer association of monetary values.

Our Portfolio

Security Alarm

Monitoring Office

Cyber Security

Fire Extinguisher



Security Of Banknotes Transfer

Software Security

Electrical Installations


Pro Security

ProSecurity is a security company operating in the security sector with a wide range of services at the personal and corporate level.

We are a security agency operating in the unarmed and armed security sector in cooperation with dedicated professional figures, we offer different professional profiles.

We take care of security at 360 °, we cover activities related to emergency services such as activation of public intervention services; investigations on theft prevention, prevention of violence and / or crime in general, protection and passive safety in private and public structures, monitoring of public and private (commercial and corporate) areas, assistance to clients and visitors, management of leakage and leakage people and vehicles and preventive activities during events, shows and fairs and sporting events, monitoring critical infrastructure in general.

Our security agency operators often wear uniforms and perform supervisory and supervisory activities in the country, which constitutes an obstacle to any illegal action.

A security officer may conduct control activities, through regular patrols, or using video surveillance systems, make reports of crimes, attempts, consummation or progress, as well as fires or disturbances, to the competent police. Although the role of security officers differs greatly from police officers, military personnel, over time, certain tasks and the preparation of these subjects have increased enormously..

Security Systems

Electrical Installation A basic component for each production plant, commercial office or service area is the electrical system which also contributes to job security Anti Fire Installations Fire safety is essential especially in public facilities , meeting places, shops, offices, shopping malls and companies. Camera Surveillance Systems Video Surveillance is a form of remote control of spaces and structures Video Surveillance is a form of remote control of spaces and structures.

Physical Security

Physical Security The efficient bodyguard service can not be improvised. Pro Security Bodyguard Service is characterized by seriousness and competence. Security Money Transfers. Trustworthiness, security and speed are the hallmarks of Pro Security, the absolute leader in value transportation in Albania


In today's Online world, everyone benefits from advanced cyber-programming. At an individual level, a cyber security attack can result in anything from identity theft, to extort efforts, to the loss of important data such as family pictures. Everyone relies on critical infrastructure such as power plants, hospitals, and financial services companies. Providing these and other organizations is essential to maintaining the functioning of our society..

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